What defines a trendsetter?

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When I think of sartorial trendsetters internationally and locally, names like Kate Middleton, Thandiswa Mazwai and Zolani Mahola, come to mind. They have succeeded in adding their unique ‘flavour’ to the realm in which they find themselves.  People all around the world admire trendsetters and try to emulate their uber-stylish looks.

So what is it about the way these trendsetters dress that makes it so attractive and wanted? They possess a boldness and distinctive style that, more often than not, influences the directional of what’s hot in upcoming seasons.

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A trendsetter is tres chic, always looking their best, no matter the occasion.  They are aware of which pieces of clothing go together and which colours complement each other.  Trendsetters put in a little extra effort to express their creativity, showcasing their unique selves to the rest of the world.

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A trendsetter does not, however, conform to the ‘rule-book’ of the latest trends.  This does not mean that fashion trends are totally ignored on their part or that they would commit a faux pas. They might get some ideas from passe trends and contemporary fashions and create something new. Keira Knightly, for example, is known for mixing ‘old school’ with modern styles.

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A trendsetter would very seldom be labelled as a ‘fashion victim’.  Reason being they know what looks good and what doesn’t, especially tailored to their individual needs. Style has a lot to do with knowing and loving yourself.

A trendsetter knows which style of dress is most flattering for a body type and which is not. Their outfits are bespoke for their unique personalities by themselves.

A trendsetter is bold, making a conscious choice to be and look different. Through the use of pret-a-porter clothing, they create their own custom-made outfits, in essence a personalised haute couture line. They are not afraid of trying something new.

Besides dressing in a different and unique manner, trendsetting has a lot to do with presentation.  In fact, confidence is an essential ingredient in making an outfit a success and thereby grabbing the attention of others.

In any sphere of life, whether in the area of technology, education or fashion, trendsetters add a fresh and different perspective.  In many cases their innovations help make our lives easier and more convenient. Trendsetters’ dynamic thinking and passionate pursuit to stand out from the crowd ultimately contributes to a more interesting way of life.

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