Something old, something new…

Something borrowed, Something blue… no, it’s not my wedding day but it is my first photo shoot and I’ve got all the necessary “somethings”! Why limit yourself right?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Something old- Featuring my vintage brown handbag that belonged to my mom in yesteryear and the waistcoat that somehow manages to add swagger to so many outfits…and is a great way of creating a layered look in the summer days.


Something new – Featuring the strikingly orange wrap skort from Zara, perfect for brightening up any day regardless of the season. What I love about this type of design is it provides more freedom of movement in comparison to a normal mini-skirt.


Something borrowed – my awesome friend and photographer Rushay Booysen, also the well-known bridal rhyme of “somethings” of course.

Something blue –  Having the blues really ain’t that bad, ok wearing blue is probably better – I admit. Featuring my blue suede platform wedges and ultra-cool mirrored shades.


 The black bodysuit from YDE is the canvas that ties together all the elements of all my “somethings”. Do you love?


Photographer: Rushay Booysen (


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