TBT Post: MBFWCT Summer/Spring Collection 2015/2016 (Part II)

I recently got an oppurtunity to report on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town on Refashion Africa http://www.refashionafrica.com/eye-on-fashion-3-fashionweek-cape-town-2015/ (Check out link for more pics!)

A glimpse into Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town SS 2015/2016

Reporting by Azima.

As is the case in many forms of art, the fashion presented at this fashion week in Cape Town by both designers and street stylers, was a feast for the eyes.

The short, but oh so sweet, 30 minute shows are a reflection of thought and effort manifesting into the collection concepts that are unique to each creative mind-set.

Here are my impressions of the day 2 shows  I got to see, reporting for Refashion Africa….

David Tlale

This man has earned the title ‘King of Fashion’ and this collection paints a picture worthy of the title. Known for his showmanship and elaborate designs, the off-site setting was the perfect backdrop.

The show venue, which is always a well kept secret, was the Gallery MOMO in the  historic B0-Kaap. All who attended had a front row seat and could relish in taking in as much detail possible, with the artworks of Blessing Ngobeni in the background.

The accompanying classical music gave an air of drama and sophistication, adding an extra layer to the ambience and depth to the gorgeous bridal wear designs that the models so proudly strutted down the runway. Presenting a non-traditional take on bridal, the collection came in daring turquoise and silver hues and a range of emerald green pieces. With simple embellishments, multicolored animal prints and matching metallics, this collection certainly went against the grain signaling a new era for the more daring fashionable bride. I for one secretly wished that the end of the show would not arrive.

Impressions:  Perfect location for the man who’s truly artistic – Bravo and Bravo again!

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 David Tlale

Refashion Africa MBFWCT David Tlale 2015 Bridal

Refashion Africa MBFWCT David Tlale 2015 Bridal

Refashion Africa MBFWCT David Tlale 2015 Bridal


“Leave a mark”…is what this designer’s message is to those that adorn his designs. He certainly left a mark on the crowd as was evident from the standing ovation received. The signature style offered by Imprint celebrates glamour and simultaneously narrates a story of African ancestors. This specific collection aimed at personifying a Renaissance woman from Sophiatown, characterised as a young, outgoing, sophisticated, cheeky and beautiful woman. Dominant colours were yellows, red and white striped prints and blue mosaic print. Cinched waists and mermaid style dresses that highlight the female figure was prominent in this collection.

Impressions: This collection is a true and unique reflection of South African flavour, made evident in the prints used. It draws on an era gone by, yet still has a modern edge that is relevant for young women today. Well done to this designer for capturing this so well!

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Imprint

Danielle Margaux

The label offers exquisite, classic clothing with a modern twist. The collection for SS 2015/2016 certainly fit this description with a colour palette ranging from soft greens, to pink, to dark red with flattering silhouettes that personifies elegance.

Impressions:This collection was one of my favourites. The colour palette was bright enough for summer, yet not overwhelmingly so, the perfect “pick me up” colour that a woman would need to brighten up her wardrobe for one of those days we dread work and would rather stay in bed.

Lara Klawikowski

The dresses and two-piece items in this collection have an intricate, imaginative design which complements the avante-garde design that the label is known for. The garment construction of items is unexpected and complex.

Impressions:The clothing items have a “girly” feel to them and an element of couture, a form of wearable art. A selection form this collection would be a great outfit choice for attendance to a fashion week.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 3.45.42 PM Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Lara Klawikowski


Cari Stephenson designs clothing for real women with active, enquiring lives and aims to create pieces that would be a wardrobe staple rather than be driven by trends.

Impressions: These pieces are ideal for a cocktail evening, it’s fun and sexy.


AFI Next Generation

The next generation designers, Tuelo Nguyuza and Tsotetsi KL impressed the crowds immensely. Tuelo wowed with bright colours and whites paired subtle floral motifs on some of the garments, simply beautiful. Tsotetsi KL had stunning pieces as well with a subtler colour palette of more neutral colours with one or two bright colours in between.

Impressions…These designs are simply young and fresh, definitely an indication of the next generation.




Shana collaborated with an illustrator for their SS 2015/2016 collection. The theme was “Pool Party” and overall colour palette of whites and greens emanated a tropical feeling.

Impressions…These items will make for great options as pool party ensembles for Summer 2015/2016: fun, fresh and fruity!


Leigh Schubert

This label aims to find a balance between sexy and elegant; timeless and fresh and uncomplicated and interesting.

Impressions: These items of clothing are other worldly in so many good ways! Urban chic yet sophisticated at the same time. The prints have a three dimensional property despite being 2D. It has a preppy feel to it but adds an ultra-cool dimension. This collection is definitely one of my favourites.

Refashion Africa NBFWCT 2915 Leigh Schubert


A great display of what South African designers have to offer. And with every fashion week comes the promise of new, exciting fashion stories adding greater dimension and flair to the global fashion landscape.

Here are the Impressions from Day 1...keep reading…

Fashion Contributor:  Azima from offthetar.wordpress.com

Image credits: Azima

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