Throwback Thursday Post: MBFWCT Summer/Spring Collection 2015/2016

I recently got an opportunity to report on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town for the blog Refashion Africa for more pics:

A glimpse into Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town SS 2015/2016

Reporting by Azima.

As is the case in many forms of art, the fashion presented at this fashion week in Cape Town by both designers and street stylers, was a feast for the eyes.

The short, but oh so sweet, 30 minute shows are a reflection of thought and effort manifesting into the collection concepts that are unique to each creative mind-set.

Here are my impressions of the shows I got to see reporting for Refashion Africa….

Michelle Ludek

Inspired by Japanese geisha, this collection featured soft, smooth and comfortable pieces that flatter the female form. The colour palette was pink, white, deep navy and tomato red, some with subtle prints and others with big, bold two-toned ensembles.

Impressions: The pieces designed are suited for a classy look, a woman that desires comfort and style. The dresses, pants and one piece items look easy to move around in, while still managing to look chic. It exudes an aura of elegant sophistication.

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Michelle ludek  Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Michelle Ludek

W35T (Nicola West)

This collection drew inspiration from the ocean. The designer opted for cool pastel colours and white to celebrate the Spring/Summer season, using a lot of mesh and organza fabrics. A touch of silver was also present in the collection, with models faces adorned with a silver covering and shoes tied with silver which added a bit of drama.

Impressions: Lady-like with an edge, perfect option for those who’d like to achieve this sort of balance. The colours will keep you cool for the hot summer days. Ruffles and added “sew-ons” in different shapes (think sticker effect) added extra dimension to each piece making for interesting (playful) summer dressing.

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Nicola West  Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Nicole west

Dax Martin

Swimwear designs offered by Dax Martin are composed of thick woven fabrics and “ric rac” tape edging along with digitally created prints that allow for the creation of fun, bright coloured pieces. This signature style was complemented with geometrical prints and beautiful bright rainbow hues of purples, blues, greens and pinks.

Impressions: Loved the vibrant colour palette of the swimwear as well as the unique designs, e.g. the long-sleeved tops and dresses for those who’d like something different to either a one-piece or bikini.

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Dax martin

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Dax Martin

Ruald Rheeder

Recognised as one of the top 10 most influential Opulent Living/Mercedes Benz designers, this collection did not disappoint. The label is known for its focus on fit, form and design which was evident. Hues evident were orange/browns/red/black/grey and navy blue along with slightly heavier fabrics that managed to perfectly balance with the form and fit of the pieces. A dramatic ending with a spectacular Asian inspired theme and black ball gown closed the show.

Impressions: Menswear tends to be one-dimensional, generally speaking, this collection was everything but. The fabrics used managed to maintain a manly persona regardless of the designs that would typically be worn by women, e.g. one piece shorts, ankle grazers and brighter colours like orange and red. This show was a highlight for sure!

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Ruald Heerder

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 ruald rheeder

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Ruald rheeder

Craig Native

Craig Native gave the audience a high-energy show that complements the sporty nature of the pieces displayed. The colours ranged from neutrals to brights with most having more grounded hues.

Impressions: If ever you thought of yourself as “not sporty” this collection would make you change your mind, either that or you’d at least want to adopt the sporty look. ‘Athleisure’ has become a trend due to the comfort it offers and incorporating a sporty aesthetics into the design of sportswear allows for wearing gym clothing while out. Craig Native’s collection is a reflection of this trend with ultra-cool pieces that makes sporty so appealing.

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Craig native

Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 Craig native  Refashion Africa MBFWCT 2015 craig native

More from Day 2 HERE including David Tlale…

Fashion Contributor:  Azima (Lisle Van Heerden) from

Image credits: Azima // SDR Photos

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