“Save the Tie, Save a Child” Fashion Show


The androgynous look has always had a chic appeal.  The act of recycling ties to make beautiful dresses, takes this concept to the next level – using a typically male accessory and transforming it into something fully feminine.


Ties have an interesting origin; it was first used as a badge of honour. The first Chinese emperor was buried with a life sized, terracotta replica of his army to signal his protection for eternity. These replicas adorned neck wraps that differentiated them from the normal military uniform of the day. Additionally, neck ties signified exceptional fighters of the Roman emperor Trajan, known to be a military genius.  In the middle ages, the neck tie functioned to protect the shirts and buttons of Croatian soldiers in support of France. Eventually, the neck tie became fashionable in France – go figure.

How fitting then that purchasing this dress would be in aid of raising funds for the Role Models Foundation that supports disadvantaged children. The tie has reclaimed its origin as a badge of honour through the “Save the tie, Save a child” benefit founded by Chantal Whitthuhn, former Mrs Cape Town.

See below for some more of the pieces shown at the fashion show…








3 thoughts on ““Save the Tie, Save a Child” Fashion Show

  1. Wonderful wonderful post!! The androgynous look is definitely on trend right now!! What a creative way to use ties, and for charity makes it all the more impressive. I love your article. Very nice!

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