Outfit of the Day #1

This series called “In my Closet” illustrates my choice of outfit for the day, based on what I find in my closet and what it means to me.

Clothing choice is an expression of how we relate to the world and simultaneously how you relate to yourself. When it comes to my personal style, I am always satisfied if there’s something different in my ensemble, in today’s case – it’s the shoes.



Shoes (sexy; colourful; youthful; vibrant): it’s the colour that pops, the design of the sandal that complements my feet and the height that gives me a feeling of power

Jeans (edgy; fun; light; relaxed; good fit to body type): It’s torn and has a patched up look; edgy, yet relaxed and fun

T-shirt (funky; relaxed): the loose fitting grey t-shirt complements the light blue jeans as well as the edgy, fun and relaxed feeling I have; the asymmetry it provides brings about balance in the outfit choice

Photographer: Azima

Stylist: Azima











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