Outfit of the Day #6

I chose this outfit to attend my brother’s baptism; the characteristics of which needed to fit the description: something “churchy”, while still portraying the right kind of pretty…


Firstly, the colour black is a good choice in reaching this objective because it aids in bringing about a conservative look. Furthermore, the colour black can function as a blank canvas upon which to build the right kind of pretty…

For example – My white shirt with black accents builds on the black pair of fitted jeans resulting in a more formal look, plus it’s buttoned all the way up (not only adds character but is fitting for church attendance).

My platform heels are not only comfortable but the small dose of red beautifully complements the black and white solid colours.

The turquoise earrings completes the look so perfectly because it blends in nicely with my skin tone as well as the other primary colours…

DSCF5836_with filter

Photographer: Azima

Stylist: Azima


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