Fashion Scrapbook Feb 16

The Big Four Fashion weeks took place within the month of February and these collections from AW16 caught my eye…


Pieces in the Chloe AW16 collection were abounding in chiffon and wool fabric that resembles an effortless layered look.

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Balmain’s AW16 collection stays true to the signature style that Olivier Rousteing has become known for: the unison of structure and detail. A few of the pieces showcased are characterised by print that’s borrowed from ancient Greek architecture; these would be a great addition to the women’s wardrobe who loves an air of drama.

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I love the old school glamour illustrated by the mix of pleats, sparkle and pastel hues. Other themes evident was that of an addition in either design and/or print from typical summer/spring outfits. Examples of this is evident in the off-the-shoulder jumpsuit with added chiffon detail and the floral print, pencil dress that looks like it originated in the sixties era.

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A few garments in the Versace AW16 collection has a somewhat sporty feel which is probably linked to the design of the zip detail with the rounded edge. The navy colour combined with leather applique could make every girl look hot and warm at the same time (talk about killing two birds). I also loved the dress with sequin and jersey detail that’s a great option for those chilly nights out.

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Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci’s AW16 compilation of garments is the perfect blend of different fabrics and prints. These outfits are a great way of remaining vibrant on those overcast days.

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The name Burberry equates to the classic trench coat. Their AW16 fashion show contained some chic variations of the classic camel colour that you’d probably have noticed from an ad campaign featuring Kate Moss. The dresses also varied in design and detail, with the dominant colour being a deep, dark blue.

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Alexander Mcqueen

This is, by far, my favourite collection for AW16. With a genius integration of black leather, femininity, minimal summer/spring print in the form of butterflies and unexpected detail such as the keychain applique, oversized coats and pocket watch print. The end result: an ultra chic ensemble! (Images:



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