Outfit of the Day #8

On this day I felt like being formal yet playful. From the options in my closet, the following stood out:


Tweed culottes: Why it was ever worn in the first place….Tweed is a mix of wool fabrics which originated in Scotland, mostly used by estate owners to differentiate their employees from the rest. Tweed also functioned as a good form of camouflage.

Culottes were first created for women involved in activities such as horse riding, in fact this was the only form of pants found to be acceptable for women as they resembled a skirt and made it easier for women to move around freely without exposing TMI. The initial form of the culotte had a piece of cloth over the front, in a way that a skort does. The first person that ‘dared’ wearing it without the cloth, designer Elsa Schiaparelli, was ridiculed for this act with newspapers using words of description such as “manly, with a hint of lesbianism” as it was seen to be taboo for women to wear pants. Can you believe?

Why I wore it…The tweed pair of culottes helped me pull off the formal look and the tank tunic with tassel detail added a playful edge…mission accomplished.

Check out the articles below for more information on the history of tweed and culottes



OOTD Seven photo

Photography: Azima

Styled: Azima

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