The Colour Black

Black is such a powerful colour as, more often than not, a story of significance is associated with it. It could be more complex such as the identification of a human race or as simple as the ink used to sign an important document.

Few other colours carry as much meaning in our world and this is probably due to a lack of depth in comparison. In Fashion, for example, the trendiest colour of the moment is often referred to as “the new black”.

By way of dress, black can be used in a variety of ways to convey a certain message to the external world. A black suit, whether worn by male or female, represents power and control. A black dress, on the other hand, exudes sexiness, seduction and/or sophistication. Many women choose to wear black when they’d like to flatter their shape and highlight whichever part of their body they feel proudest of.

This particular photo-shoot was styled by Dopest Inc. Events Company in order to promote an upcoming event and models were instructed to wear black. While most ladies opted for a little black dress,  a difference was apparent in each of their styles which reflects the best fit for both their body and personality.

Photo two the colour black

The sleeveless, shift dress worn by the model with silver stilettos is a great option for women of all body types as it does not cling to the body but rather skims the curves and highlights her beautiful legs. The bodycon, or body conscious, dress worn by the model in the top left is a great option for women with an hourglass figure and who is conscious and confident enough to pull it off.

The other models opted for a power-suit with a twist. As is the case of choosing a crop top to enhance the waist or the addition of a white shirt to complement the colour black.

What’s your favourite way to wear black?

Photo one the colour black

Styled by: Dopest Inc. Events Company

Photographed by: Dopest Inc. Events Company

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