Outfit of the Day #9

My oufit of the day was inspired by the Hip Hop genre of music and I’d most probably wear something like this to a hip hop show or concert.

RAP music is associated with much negative connotations, especially for women. I mean what is really up with naming women bitches and hoes and the objectification of women’s bodies in music videos? Is this an expression of disrespect and/or a lack of creative direction? I seem to think so many times and it’s kinda insane for a woman to be a fan of this genre. I am though and have always been since the days of Da Brat TAT TAT TAT, Aaliyah and MC Lyte. Those ladies made it look ultra-cool to wear baggy clothing and crop tops, much like women wearing men’s suits.  I don’t particularly like to listen to those songs where I feel offended by the unnecessary use of bitch and hoes but there’s still much to like about Hip Hop.

I love the sick beats that make you want to sway your head from side to side and feel instantly cooler…I love the storytelling through the poetic use of lyric and flow. Not everyone is into reading books and hip hop is an alternative medium of sharing life experiences and world views with listeners… I love the way hip hop artists tend to boast about their strengths and accomplishments and though some may see this as cocky, I do think it’s good to realise what you’re good at and let the world know (in healthy doses of course). I see it as being all about owning your space and there ain’t anything wrong with that. Like Drake says in one of his lyrics “…looking in the mirror like there it is there man, wooh!”


Rap music and baggy jeans go together like PB and J. Boyfriend jeans are a great option to achieve this look. I paired the blue jeans with a formal, white shirt to add some contrast (tied up to achieve a cropped effect). The sneakers are a 3-in-one, adding a casual, feminine and boyish aspect. Last but not least, I wore my black, leather jacket to create some edge in completion of my ensemble.

Photography: Simpiwe Dambuza

Styling: Azima

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