Fashion Brand: Chloe

Thousands of fashion labels are in existence today and season after season; their collections are showcased at fashion week events worldwide. Only a few of the myriad fashion labels out there get to master the business aspect as well as they do the creative one. Here are two reasons why the French fashion company, Chloe, has been successful.

  1. A clear brand purpose

Gaby Aghion, French fashion designer and founder of Chloe, was once quoted as saying: “All I’ve ever wanted was for Chloe to have a happy spirit, to make people happy”.

During the time period of its establishment, i.e. in the year 1952, fashion options available for women consisted of mainly haute couture and very few pret-a-porter, or ready-to-wear clothing lines. [Haute couture designs are different from ready to wear in it being characteristically luxurious, elaborately detailed, one-off pieces that sometimes have extravagant designs. Ready to wear designs are not made to the individual’s specifications, however great care is taken in its design and detail and low numbers of each garment is created, therefore they become exclusive and expensive.]

Gaby was one of the pioneers of pret-a-porter clothing lines with the creation of Chloe.  She desired to create an alternative option to haute couture fashion that was often impractical to wear on a day-to-day basis. Chloe was to be a luxury pret-a-porter brand that would provide beautiful, wearable daywear options for the chic young woman.

Ever since its inception, the Chloe brand’s product offering has been in line with the aspirations and values of their targeted customer tribe.

2. Market positioning and Target Market

Chloe creations are targeted at young women who are free-spirited, independent and loves looking good with minimal effort.  The brand also appeals to women who are real and have confidence. Designs have a feminine, romantic and bohemian detail to personify the type of women who would opt to wear the label.

Being a premium clothing brand means that Chloe is set apart in the marketplace by offering very attractive, trendy products and employing fashion designers capable of setting seasonal trends. The company has employed the likes of Karl Lagerfield, Stella McCartney and other fashion designers throughout its 65 year lifetime in order to keep creations fresh.

Women shop for the Chloe brand at high-end department stores, self-named boutiques and online shopping websites via and other high-end online sites such as  Furthermore, communications regarding brand image can be found in the most popular fashion magazines and other media platforms to inform and interact with their targeted customer tribe based on a mutual set of values.


When a fashion label is armed with a clear brand purpose and positions itself according to the needs/wants of their ideal customer, success is highly likely to follow – as is evident with Chloe.
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