Is your fashion store a hit or a miss?

Ever experienced that frustrating moment during shopping when you simply cannot find what you’re searching for? You end up going from store to store in what seems to be a desert made up of every item except the one thing you need or want. I’ve experienced this phenomenon one too many times and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

As a fashion business owner, how many customers/clients have you had entering your store with money to spend yet leaves empty-handed? If this has been happening more than you’d like to, perhaps you should consider which of these three types of shoppers your product/service offering caters to and make the required changes accordingly.

Shopper #1 walks into a store in search of a basic item that 1) doesn’t cost much and 2) doesn’t require alot of time to choose between say, which colour and/or size to buy. Examples of these sort of items are basic tee’s, a pair of flip flops or shorts for gym.

Shopper #2  takes more time browsing through a selection of stores when looking for something more specific with a slightly higher price tag. This shopper may be looking for an update to their wardrobe that suits their lifestyle, or could be shopping for attendance of a special occasion such as a wedding or even look for work attire.

Shopper #3 is in search of an investment buy such as a genuine leather bag, a pair of good quality winter boots or a trench coat. These items are pricey, however this shopper has a high interest in making a purchase. Shopper #3 will likely take more time when choosing between available options unless of course they’re rolling in the dough, but even then the consumer will have a specific reason in making their choice, for e.g. loyalty to a brand, exclusivity or few alternative options out there.

Which of these three shoppers are you targeting with your product offering?

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