Fashion businesses can learn this from Alcohol brands…


Drinking alcohol leads to a state of intoxication, no matter what type of alcohol you drink this will be the most likely outcome. This is the function of the product of alcohol. Alcohol brands do not however, focus on this simple fact when selling to consumers. They know how to differentiate and define their uniqueness by paying attention and tuning into their consumers’ behaviour.

By the time an ad airs and before product hits the shelves, much thought has been put into who will see it, when and how it will be perceived by the target market. When the consumer sees the physical product they can decide, either beforehand or spontaneously, whether to choose your product amongst alternative options available. The brands that get chosen are consistent winners because their product offering is in touch with the consumer’s reality.

My recent blog posts have been focused on how you, as a fashion business owner, can benefit by considering how your customer shops, how they go about making purchasing decisions and what the social and psychological influences are that determines their behaviour. These aspects are important to consider when distinguishing your brand in the busy marketplace.

Here are five examples of alcohol brands that are doing it right….

Castle beer appeals to the camaraderie that is naturally present amongst male friends. ‘It all comes together with a castle’ is always associated with a group of guys celebrating their lifelong friendship or watching a sports game. The brand ensures that it taps into the already existing phenomenon of friendship amongst ‘boys’.

Castle Lite, on the other hand, appeals more to the young, single male who either is or aspires to be the cool, smart guy that every woman wants and every man wants to be. This persona is very much ego-centred.

Then there’s Klipdrift that seems to tap into the traditional nature of South Africans. Its tagline is ‘Make yourself at home’. A well-known ad is the one where a Xhosa, South African couple is helped out by a friendly Afrikaner guy who misunderstands just about everything the black guy is saying, mainly due to a language barrier, e.g. enkosi – thank you in Xhosa is understood as ‘kos’ in Afrikaans by the friendly guy who offers them a home-made meal. Klipdrift is served when they arrive at the house and after the meal the host offers another glass, to which the visitor responds with ‘eish’ and this is once again misunderstood as ‘ys’ or ice to the host, who confirms his offer with ‘ yes, with ice’. This ad is funny and highlights the differences in cultures that are present in South Africa and also adds a homely and familiar feel to the brand which is relatable.

Four cousins tag line is ‘Enjoy it your way’. One ad in particular, shows three different settings where the wine is enjoyed – 1) a career woman, relaxing on her couch after a long day at work; 2) amongst friends/acquaintances at a house party; and 3) in a restaurant as an accompaniment to a meal.

The Saints Wine range is focused on the friendship of girlfriends – you know the common get-togethers of 3 or 4 girlfriends meeting up in a beautiful setting and sharing the interesting details of their lives. Why not pair it with a glass of Saints Wine?

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