Deviant for a day with Halsey

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Today, while listening to an interview with psychologist Dr. Zimbardo – the man behind the Stanford Experiment – I learnt about a challenge centered around being a deviant for a day. In this experiment you draw a simple square on your forehead and walk around with it for a day whilst trying to avoid the pressure from those around you to remove the mark on your face. The aim of this experiment is to train yourself to not care about the opinions of those in your social circle when doing something different to the norm. It is very common when in social situations, that we tend to conform rather than stand up for either what we believe in or what we think is unjust.

An exercise such as this helps in avoiding inaction (due to fearing judgement by others) when faced with a situation that exposes you to unjust practices whether at home, in the workplace or socially. This exercise also helps in a feeling of empowerment and I can attest to this as I’ve experienced it during my transitioning from relaxed hair to wearing my hair naturally. I had to learn to be confident in my choice to embrace the hair I was born with, despite the nasty, mostly ignorant, looks and comments of those who did not agree because it was so much outside of the norm. This created much confidence because I had to value my opinion of self above the opinions of others.

This time around, I’m trying out the ‘deviant for a day’ experiment by copying Halsey’s Grammy 2017 outfit. Halsey showed me how to do an alternative unisex look, different to that typically seen with women wearing men’s shirts or tuxedo suits.

I couldn’t resist copying this female version of going half bare-chested, even if only in a photo-shoot.

Lisle (72)

Lisle (76)Lisle (89)Lisle (87)

Lisle (94)Lisle (77)

Photography by: ItsDumi Photography

Check out more of this talented photographer on Instagram @itsdumi

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