Branding that works: Row-G Menswear

I was recently asked to cover a charity fashion show and whilst doing research in preparation, I came across a really good example of branding that works: Row-G Menswear.

Row G 1

Any business is likely to succeed by focusing on two simple aspects namely 1) knowing the customer and 2) knowing what problem needs solving for the customer. This is true regardless of the industry and/or size of business. The rest follows by building on these two simple, yet critical building blocks. Further questions to explore and answer clearly is 3) am I good at solving my customer’s problem and 4) does my customer have any idea that I can solve their problem?

In formal business language these concepts are termed as target market, unique selling proposition and value proposition – all encompassed under the umbrella of branding. Row-G fashion label is one of the few fashion houses who I’ve seen making use of these very important aspects in business.

Say for example, a high-powered businessman browses after discovering the label from either a) having read about Row-G Menswear in GQ Magazine or b) recently been in attendance at a fashion show seeing the dapper suits being strut down the runway or c) simply been referred via word of mouth. This potential customer will see exactly what problem Row-G can solve without even clicking any of the tabs available on the homepage. High quality imagery, paired with succinct wording explains what Row-G has to offer.

The first image attends to the problem a potential customer may be experiencing, in this case: “I want/need Made to Measure suits…” and the answer?  – “Uncompromising Made to Measure menswear – timeless in style yet undeniably progressive in design”

Row G 2

The next image on the homepage provides more clarification on what is meant by Made to Measure according to Row-G Menswear: “Crafted to suit your personal predilections, tastes and desires”

Row G 3

Lastly, in the final image among this succession of three on the homepage, a potential customer is informed of the capability and competency the fashion label has on offer: “A tradition of superior craftsmanship refined with leading-edge technology”

Row G 9

Now this should get me interested as a businessman in search of a tailored suit.

The rest of the website explains, in just enough detail, their value proposition and the benefits of being a customer at the Row-G store outlet. More detail is conveyed about the made to measure service while simultaneously providing a glimpse of different options available – all related to the tailored suit, i.e. dinner jackets, ties, blazers, trousers and even boxers. Their value proposition is also inclusive of a “Made to Measure Suit Programme” which offers the choice of two tailored suits, one classic and one contemporary.

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Taking into consideration the typical nature of its target market (a business man with little time to waste) Row-G website provides an explanation of the process required to obtain a tailored suit. The potential customer gets to know exactly what will happen at every step along the way and how much time it will take. This explanation also incorporates some added aspects of the brand’s value proposition, e.g. that the fabric is sourced from the very best mills and wool merchants in the world and that every customer is assigned a personal tailor.

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A section of the website also illustrates the final product in the form of collections created by the fashion label and thereby providing examples of what they’re capable of producing, just in case you need some more convincing….

Row G 8

This is a branding job really well done!

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