Favourite looks from Sarah Langa

Scroll through the Instagram feed of Sarah Langa and you’re sure to do a whole lot of double-tapping and think of the words sophisticated, sexy, stylish.

Here are seven of my favourite looks from the South African fashion blogger Sarah Langa


Pink and black is a great colour palette to wear in Autumn, as shown here.  I love the way the shade of pink blends in with her skin tone and contrasts nicely with the black pants and shades that adds warmth to the outfit.


If a bouquet of flowers could magically rise up and strut down the street, it would probably look like Sarah Langa does in this pretty skirt and shirt combo. The ruffles of the soft pink shirt resembles flower petals, almost a 3-D resemblance of the floral print midi-skirt.


Salt ‘n Pepa (the Band and the condiment), Black and White (the colours), Woman dressed in a tuxedo (Sarah Langa) always works…as shown here.


Place a black and white filter on this picture and I won’t blame you for mistaking her for a Hollywood movie-star from the era of Marilyn Monroe. The hat, sling-back high-heeled sandals and style of little black dress paired with pearls – all contributes to this lovely look.


This black pencil skirt and crop-top duo is in love with the shape of Sarah. Once again, she looks stunning in black and this time highlighting her shapely body in a form-fitting pencil skirt paired with a crop top and gladiator sandals.


I also love the way she wears denim, i.e. pairing it with a blazer. The blue and white combination and the large, gold button-detail of the jacket gives it a nautical feel.


Roses are red, Violets are blue and Sarah looks as if she’s posing for a portrait painting by an artist in this pretty outfit. A form of poetry is evident with use of the colour red. It starts out dominantly in platformed sandals, sprawls out as the tendril print on her white Capri pants and then reluctantly diffuses into the blue-and-white checkered shirt with it’s cool ‘bell-bottomed’ three-quarter sleeves. LOVE

There’s really no doubt in my mind that she’s a true STYLE STAR.


Which is your favourite?

Images: @sarahlanga Instagram page


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