The struggle of getting dressed without a F-L mirror…

When someone is passionate about something, they’re driven to explore a range of different options in the said area that they share a love for. As an example, a chef loves to experiment with different flavours and new combinations and the same can be said for a musician (who’d likely listen to and find inspiration in varied genres) and even a scientist will test a few theories when trying to understand a certain mechanism. I have a love for fashion, for looking good and also like to seek out and experiment with different styles.

All these different aspects require the right tools in order to make it easier to seek out and explore. The chef would need food and a kitchen, the musician would need good audio equipment and the scientist would need a lab. Me, as a fashion enthusiast would need clothes and a mirror, a full-length mirror that is…

The wide and long dressing-table mirrors and square little bathroom mirrors serve their purpose for styling your hair and make-up, but it becomes problematic when you need to decide what to wear for the day. You’re forced to do magic tricks and/or be an acrobat/gymnast.

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The struggles of having to jump up and down, hoping that your eyes will catch the full view of your outfit at lightning speed. Either this or trying to glance down into the world on the other side of  the reflection, hoping that your eyesight can stretch far enough to see your shoes, while your upper body is concealing the top part of the outfit.

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There’s none of this drama when you live in a space with a full-length mirror in place. It’s great for experimenting with new combinations of what’s in your closet and/or the closets of your other family members, old or young, male or female. The only negative side effect I can think of having a full length mirror is showing up late for work, because of too much fun had playing dressing up.

This weekend I tried out a version of one of Kendall Jenner’s Autumn/Winter outfits. The outfit is a mix of summer style and winter items, for e.g. a cropped jersey with exaggerated sleeves, in black; a pair of fish-net stockings for layering under blue jeans, and the addition of black formal heels and a fur-coat (my budget had forced me to improvise and wear this blazer instead – still love the combination though).

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Kendall created this outfit by experimenting with fish-net stockings she’d been wearing the day/week before and thought to herself ‘hey, what if I layer this under my jeans and pair it with a crop top…’ and surely this happened with a full-length mirror close by. She fell in-love with it and so did I when I saw a picture of her strutting this outfit down the pavements of Paris, looking super-cool.

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Photography: ItsDumi Photography (@itsdumi on Instagram)

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