Off The Tar Tips for running a successful fashion business: Three benefits of defining your personal values

It’s highly important to define what your values are as a business owner, or an aspiring business owner. Not being aware of what your personal values are can lead to a failing fashion business. Here are three reasons why I say that. Firstly, your personal values are a definition of what you find important, and hence will be guidance for determining your quality of life. … Continue reading Off The Tar Tips for running a successful fashion business: Three benefits of defining your personal values

Fashion Brand: Chloe

Thousands of fashion labels are in existence today and season after season; their collections are showcased at fashion week events worldwide. Only a few of the myriad fashion labels out there get to master the business aspect as well as they do the creative one. Here are two reasons why the French fashion company, Chloe, has been successful. A clear brand purpose Gaby Aghion, French … Continue reading Fashion Brand: Chloe

Youth Day Edition: Q&A with Valencia

Youth Day is commemorated in memory of the 1976 Soweto school pupils who protested against an oppressive education system. This action spurred demonstrations across the country and was a pivotal step in the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Fast forward 40 years and the youth of today are protesting for free education. South African youth are #feisty and #fightforourrights, that’s one thing for sure! … Continue reading Youth Day Edition: Q&A with Valencia

Fashion News: April/May 2016 Edition

The latest fashion news reveals that in South Africa, both retailers and consumers are late adopters in making use of online shopping. On the International front, interesting reads worth checking out is the “Facebook for clothing items” as well as the changes in the way consumers view luxury fashion. Furthermore, Kenya is set to become an exporter of clothing due to the favourable AGOA trade … Continue reading Fashion News: April/May 2016 Edition

Fashion News: Mar 2016 Edition

South African Fashion News South African Retailer, The Foschini Group, has acquired a British contemporary fashion brand called Whistles. This will expand its customers to that of Europeans and also diversify risk that is apparent in a slow-growing South African economy. Kids emporium was started 13 years ago in South Africa by the 22 year old Lauren de Swardt. The brand has since grown … Continue reading Fashion News: Mar 2016 Edition

Outfit of the Day #8

On this day I felt like being formal yet playful. From the options in my closet, the following stood out: OOTD #8 Tweed culottes: Why it was ever worn in the first place….Tweed is a mix of wool fabrics which originated in Scotland, mostly used by estate owners to differentiate their employees from the rest. Tweed also functioned as a good form of camouflage. Culottes were first created … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #8

Outfit of the Day #6

I chose this outfit to attend my brother’s baptism; the characteristics of which needed to fit the description: something “churchy”, while still portraying the right kind of pretty… OOTD #6 Firstly, the colour black is a good choice in reaching this objective because it aids in bringing about a conservative look. Furthermore, the colour black can function as a blank canvas upon which to build the right kind of … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #6

FYI: The Big Four of Fashion Week

In Africa we’ve got the Big Five of the wild. In the developed world they’ve got the Big Four of Fashion, we’re talking: New York, London, Milan and Paris. There are a few weeks to go before designers from the “Big Four” showcase their Autumn/Winter Collections for the year ahead and simultaneously set the direction of what’ll be featured in clothing stores worldwide. Here’s a … Continue reading FYI: The Big Four of Fashion Week