Fashion News: Mar 2016 Edition

South African Fashion News South African Retailer, The Foschini Group, has acquired a British contemporary fashion brand called Whistles. This will expand its customers to that of Europeans and also diversify risk that is apparent in a slow-growing South African economy. Kids emporium was started 13 years ago in South Africa by the 22 year old Lauren de Swardt. The brand has since grown … Continue reading Fashion News: Mar 2016 Edition

Outfit of the Day #8

On this day I felt like being formal yet playful. From the options in my closet, the following stood out: OOTD #8 Tweed culottes: Why it was ever worn in the first place….Tweed is a mix of wool fabrics which originated in Scotland, mostly used by estate owners to differentiate their employees from the rest. Tweed also functioned as a good form of camouflage. Culottes were first created … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #8

Outfit of the Day #6

I chose this outfit to attend my brother’s baptism; the characteristics of which needed to fit the description: something “churchy”, while still portraying the right kind of pretty… OOTD #6 Firstly, the colour black is a good choice in reaching this objective because it aids in bringing about a conservative look. Furthermore, the colour black can function as a blank canvas upon which to build the right kind of … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #6

FYI: The Big Four of Fashion Week

In Africa we’ve got the Big Five of the wild. In the developed world they’ve got the Big Four of Fashion, we’re talking: New York, London, Milan and Paris. There are a few weeks to go before designers from the “Big Four” showcase their Autumn/Winter Collections for the year ahead and simultaneously set the direction of what’ll be featured in clothing stores worldwide. Here’s a … Continue reading FYI: The Big Four of Fashion Week