Fashion Scrapbook Feb 16

The Big Four Fashion weeks took place within the month of February and these collections from AW16 caught my eye… Chloe  Pieces in the Chloe AW16 collection were abounding in chiffon and wool fabric that resembles an effortless layered look.   Balmain Balmain’s AW16 collection stays true to the signature style that Olivier Rousteing has become known for: the unison of structure and detail. A few … Continue reading Fashion Scrapbook Feb 16

Gwen goes shopping, Azima tags along…

Vintage fashion has a two-fold advantage: good for the wallet and great for the environment. Wearable pieces from yesteryear won’t require swiping your credit card, nor will there be any wasted resources that would have otherwise been spent in the making of brand new garments from scratch…   Hombakazi Vintage Cabin is an ideal location to score vintage fashion finds in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. “Hombakazi” means stylish … Continue reading Gwen goes shopping, Azima tags along…

Outfit of the Day #6

I chose this outfit to attend my brother’s baptism; the characteristics of which needed to fit the description: something “churchy”, while still portraying the right kind of pretty… OOTD #6 Firstly, the colour black is a good choice in reaching this objective because it aids in bringing about a conservative look. Furthermore, the colour black can function as a blank canvas upon which to build the right kind of … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #6

FYI: The Big Four of Fashion Week

In Africa we’ve got the Big Five of the wild. In the developed world they’ve got the Big Four of Fashion, we’re talking: New York, London, Milan and Paris. There are a few weeks to go before designers from the “Big Four” showcase their Autumn/Winter Collections for the year ahead and simultaneously set the direction of what’ll be featured in clothing stores worldwide. Here’s a … Continue reading FYI: The Big Four of Fashion Week