OOTD featuring Greer Kyle

South African designer Greer Kyle created a fashion label with strong career women in mind, more specifically working women who make room for fun and adventure in their lives.  This pin-striped, Greer Kyle dress has a glamorous old-school look that’s reminiscent of the 1940s and 50s style worn by women in cultural hubs across South Africa.  I imagine women of South End in Port Elizabeth … Continue reading OOTD featuring Greer Kyle

Outfit of the Day #9

My oufit of the day was inspired by the Hip Hop genre of music and I’d most probably wear something like this to a hip hop show or concert. RAP music is associated with much negative connotations, especially for women. I mean what is really up with naming women bitches and hoes and the objectification of women’s bodies in music videos? Is this an expression … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #9

Outfit of the Day #8

On this day I felt like being formal yet playful. From the options in my closet, the following stood out: OOTD #8 Tweed culottes: Why it was ever worn in the first place….Tweed is a mix of wool fabrics which originated in Scotland, mostly used by estate owners to differentiate their employees from the rest. Tweed also functioned as a good form of camouflage. Culottes were first created … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #8

Outfit of the Day #6

I chose this outfit to attend my brother’s baptism; the characteristics of which needed to fit the description: something “churchy”, while still portraying the right kind of pretty… OOTD #6 Firstly, the colour black is a good choice in reaching this objective because it aids in bringing about a conservative look. Furthermore, the colour black can function as a blank canvas upon which to build the right kind of … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #6

Outfit of the Day #4

It’s the day before Christmas…the sky is overcast…and having to juggle between preparing for Christmas lunch and last minute shopping has led me to choose this relaxed ensemble… An easy, soft touch, simple T matched with Palazzo slacks; some colour and pattern injected with the boots – resulting in the perfect complement for today’s agenda. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas! Photographer: Azima Styled by: … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #4

Outfit of the Day #3

OOTD#3 Today I felt like being experimental with the options in my closet… While browsing, my attention was drawn to this white skirt, which I’ve had for over 10 years (believe it) – and it’s still one of my favourites… I considered a white, long-sleeved, pocket shirt as an addition to the outfit and thought the black blazer and (my dad’s) tie would provide me with a modern take … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #3

Outfit of the Day #1

This series called “In my Closet” illustrates my choice of outfit for the day, based on what I find in my closet and what it means to me. Clothing choice is an expression of how we relate to the world and simultaneously how you relate to yourself. When it comes to my personal style, I am always satisfied if there’s something different in my ensemble, in today’s case … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #1