Branding that works: Row-G Menswear

I was recently asked to cover a charity fashion show and whilst doing research in preparation, I came across a really good example of branding that works: Row-G Menswear. Any business is likely to succeed by focusing on two simple aspects namely 1) knowing the customer and 2) knowing what problem needs solving for the customer. This is true regardless of the industry and/or size of … Continue reading Branding that works: Row-G Menswear

OOTD featuring Greer Kyle

South African designer Greer Kyle created a fashion label with strong career women in mind, more specifically working women who make room for fun and adventure in their lives.  This pin-striped, Greer Kyle dress has a glamorous old-school look that’s reminiscent of the 1940s and 50s style worn by women in cultural hubs across South Africa.  I imagine women of South End in Port Elizabeth … Continue reading OOTD featuring Greer Kyle

Fashion businesses can learn this from Alcohol brands…

Drinking alcohol leads to a state of intoxication, no matter what type of alcohol you drink this will be the most likely outcome. This is the function of the product of alcohol. Alcohol brands do not however, focus on this simple fact when selling to consumers. They know how to differentiate and define their uniqueness by paying attention and tuning into their consumers’ behaviour. By … Continue reading Fashion businesses can learn this from Alcohol brands…

A few of my favourite OOTD from Grammy’s 2017

Here are my thoughts on outfits worn to the Grammy’s 2017… There’s something ‘bajan’ about this look – could be the bright orange crop top with halter neckline or perhaps its pairing with the elaborate ruffled skirt with all it’s glorious pleats in black? The perfect mix of glam and fun, much like the singer herself. The only comment I have for this dress is “But … Continue reading A few of my favourite OOTD from Grammy’s 2017

What’s your customer’s psyche?

Nina Simone is one of my favourite musical artists. I love one song in particular called ‘Don’t let me be misunderstood’ where she so beautifully croons ‘… I’m just a soul whose intentions are good…Oh Lord; please don’t let me be misunderstood’. As a consumer, it sucks being seemingly misunderstood as we all would like to be treated with respect, regardless of our class, age … Continue reading What’s your customer’s psyche?


Local fashion designers often complain that South Africans do not support local fashion and would rather opt for luxury international brands such as Louis Vuitton once they’ve ‘made it’. On the other end of the scale, there’s also an increasing amount of competition from popular fashion brands such as H&M, Cotton ON and Zara which offer cheaper stylish options that locals rush to get at every chance … Continue reading STRUGGLING TO FIND LOYAL CUSTOMERS AS A LOCAL DESIGNER?